Palazzo Ducale

Doge's Palace

Current events

Vita da Doge Itinerary

July 14, 2023

From 14 July 2023, the Doge’s Apartment is once again part of the exhibition route, open to all visitors to Palazzo Ducale with a new set-up created to tell the more than thousand-year-old story of the Doge

"Guests at the Palace" - The Last Senate of the Republic of Venice

May 3, 2023

From 3 May, will be in display in the Sala della Quarantia Civil Vecchia di Palazzo Ducale The Last Senate of the Republic of Venice, made by Vittorio Emanuele Bressanin […]

Opening of the Quadreria

March 25, 2023

The ancient rooms of the picture gallery (Quadreria) in Palazzo Ducale are undergoing a major remodelling to house not only the masterpieces of the palace itself, but in addition a group of valuable canvases and panel paintings on long-term loan from a private collection […]