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The Palace with a Tale to Tell
This interactive visit is designed for younger visitors, enabling them to discover the history and artistic wealth of the Palace. Divided into stages, it uses games, hidden clues, stories and legends to engage the participants, each of whom will have an activity book that they can take away with them and then use for follow-up work at home.
Length: 2 hours
Language: Italian, English, French , German, Spanish or Russian.


A Book in Stone
This workshop is all about exploring the stories, crafts, plants and animals that are depicted in the massive book made up of the Palace’s sculpted medieval capitals. Including a visit to the museum, this workshop combines games requiring the participants to use their deductive skills with various other teaching-through-play activities. The aim is to enable them to understand the full content of these vivid and highly expressive carvings, before moving onto the workshop proper where they try to reconstruct one of the more beautiful capitals and then create a plaster cast which everyone then gets to keep
Length: 2 hours 30 minutes
Language: Italian, English


The lion hunt
What better than a lion, the very symbol of Venice, to lead children on a more unusual trip around the Doge’s Palace. In this ‘lion hunt’ they must find various painted and sculpted depictions of the animal throughout the Palace, and “win” some items that, put together, will result in a lion-like surprise to take home
Length: 2 hrs
Languages: Italian, English, French
Recommended age group: 5 to 10 y.o.