Palazzo Ducale

Doge's Palace

JOHN RUSKIN. The stones of Venice

Educational activities for adults, schools and families

10 March- 10 June 2018

Curated by Anna Ottani Cavina

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For adults

John Ruskin. The Stones of Venice- guided visit to the exhibition and to the Museo dell’Opera

John Ruskin (1819/1900), the eclectic English artist—writer, painter, poet, scholar and critic of art and architecture, as well as social reformer—sought, in Byzantine and Gothic medieval Venice, what for him was the original splendour of an art capable of expressing the noblest essence of man. He studied, analysed and described it with an interdisciplinary approach, a vision that was both ample and attentive to detail, with a constant ethical drive, and in which the Doge’s Palace played a fundamental role. The guided tour of the exhibition, which includes both the displays in the apartment of the Doge—in which are exhibited watercolours, notebooks, architectural reliefs, albumen and platinum prints and daguerreotypes—and an essential visit to the Museo dell’Opera, which hosts some of the sculptures of the Palace on which he focused the most, enables us to understand the many facets of his production, in addition to the fundamental relationship with William Turner, who is also “present” with some masterpieces.


For second-level secondary schools and higher education system

With Ruskin in the Doge’s Palace. Active itinerary

This comprises a visit to the Doge’s Palace guided, as it were, by Ruskin himself, to discover some points of view and reflections made by the author, who played a decisive role in the nineteenth-century re-evaluation of pre-Renaissance Italian art. The visit includes a selective itinerary through the museum and a brief visit to the exhibition rooms.

Duration: 2 hours
Languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish


The Stones of Venice- CLIL activity

Selected passages from the book in the original language read in front of the works in the Doge’s Palace to which they refer, in order to appreciate the quality of the writing, and to practise understanding and then discussion in English. Thanks to the exhibition, the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) activity, developed in collaboration with the specific Ph.D. programme of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, has been enriched  this year with a new and extraordinary opportunity.

Duration: 2 hours
Language: English


For primary and first-level secondary schools

For families

The book of stone

A special workshop to discover the stories, crafts, plants and animals of the great stone book carved in the medieval capitals of the Palace, which were, for Ruskin, among the best European sculptures of the time. In addition to a short museum tour, the workshop will include association and deduction games and other recreational-educational activities to understand the significance of these works that are characterised by an immediate and extremely expressive language, before trying, in the workshop, the recomposition of one of the most beautiful capitals. Participants will also make a delightful plaster cast to be keep.

Duration: 2 and a half hours
Languages: Italian, English


For all (adults, schools, families)

In Venice with Ruskin. Self-guided tour around the town

During his numerous long stays, Ruskin travelled through Venice “stone by stone” with love, meticulous attention and inexhaustible enthusiasm. There are innumerable places in the city that he illustrated, especially in The Stones of Venice (1852), with an inspired and poetic manner in which text and images are integrated into an empathic and engaging vision. A convenient leaflet and an interactive map allow you to search out these places, led by the author’s own words, along a path of rediscovery and enchantment. The leaflet is available free to those who purchase the exhibition ticket or one of the educational activities accompanying it.

Languages: Italian, English.



Registration and Prices


How to register

The activities are available by prior booking online from the website by clicking on the red “choose and book” button.



Guided tour of the exhibition for adults

100 euros up to 25 participants; 4 euros extra for each participant over the 25 (example: group of 5 or 22 or 25 people: 100 euros; 26 people: 100 + 4 euros).

Whisper free


admission ticket to the exhibition according to appropriate tariff. The guided tour also gives entry to the museo dell’Opera in the Doge’s Palace


School activities *

80 euros for classes up to 25 students; 4 euros extra per student over the 25 (example: for a class of 23 or 25 pupils: 80 euros; for a class of 26 pupils: 84 euros, for a class of 27 pupils: 88 euros)


attività si effettuano su prenotazione online dal sito cliccando sul tasto rosso “scegli e prenota”.  


Entrance ticket to the museum with “school offer” discount (free for schools in the City of Venice)

Free admission for two accompanying teachers and for disabled visitors with helper.

Family workshop *

80 euros for family groups of up to 10 people (including min 1 and max 4 adults), including admission to the museum.


* If the activity includes brief phases in the exhibition rooms, admission will be free


“In Venice with Ruskin” leaflet

Free for those who purchase the exhibition ticket or one of the educational activities accompanying the exhibition.


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